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We offer Human Resources and Payroll integrated with Time and Attendance. You can track your team’s comings, goings, lateness, and absences with ease – all from the same system as your HR and payroll.

East Africa's Leading HR & Payroll Software

Welcome to the future of Employee management. Our all-in-one HRMIS & payroll system takes full care of employment full life cycle from employment, leave, time and attendance and payroll.


All-in-One Features


Core Features

Human Resources

In our analysis, most companies have problems when it comes to leave, notice, overtime and lateness management. Our PayEasy HR and Payroll software has been able to solve this problem by providing;

  1.  A staff self-service function where employees can request leave /holiday on their own through limited user access.
  2. Integrated clocking and attendance monitoring
  3. Paid leave option
  4. Timetable and absence plan
  5. Hours of Work
  6. Sign in/Sign out module
  7. Request and validation of Leave/Holidays
  8. Performance Management

Time and Attendance

PayEasy HMIS  all-in-one workforce management, time and attendance and payroll software means no exporting or slow API integrations: timesheets are approved with one click and are automatically sent to payroll for processing.

Our live attendance data and labour cost tracking allow you to proactively manage overtime and penalty rates and reduce them.

Employee Self Service

Employees have the freedom to check rotas, accept and decline shifts, make leave requests, view payslips and important documents and change their personal and payroll information – all from PayEasy HMIS's free Employee Self Service smartphone app or via a desktop computer portal.

Leave Management

Employees submit leave requests through their Employee Self Service desktop portal. Managers simply approve or decline with one click and a notification is automatically sent to the employee. Enables managers to view, approve, and decline leave requests.


Simplify employee time tracking and management on overtime and absenteeism.

Using several biometric devices to capture clocking time, our systems helps in storing the captured data and organizing it into reports on overtime and absenteeism.

When integrated with our Human Resources software, it seamlessly generates pay slips that have factored in the clocking data. 



Payroll Outsource

For many companies, paying employees and meeting government regulations can be a lot of work.  We are here to help; give us this task as you concentrate on your core business and we will do all the statutory and other personalized payments for you. Your information is secure with us because e offer the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, we create a strong connection as we earn the confidence and trust of our clients.

  • Comprehensive service: We provide all your payroll requirements including all statutory and third party payments.
  • Personalised service: Each client has a dedicated contact person.
  • Secure and Confidential service: Data restricted to those who need it


Are you looking for an accounting job or are you an organization planning to train your new and existing staff?  Probably you need training in SunSystems Financial Management System!

We do one-on-one based training for individuals and corporate on SunSystems Modules;

  1. SunAccounts
  2. Fixed Assets Register
  3. Sales Order Processing
  4. Purchase Order Processing
  5. Inventory/Warehouse
  6. Reports
  7. Business intelligence